Help Us Bring The Depot Back To Life!

The Dickinson County Historical Society proudly announces the launch of a comprehensive capital campaign aimed at raising $250,000 for the renovation and enhancement of the Dickinson County Museum. With a primary focus on restoring the 140-year-old depot and introducing interactive exhibits, this initiative seeks to offer visitors an enriched and educational experience, preserving the heritage of our community.

The Dickinson County Museum has been a cornerstone of preserving the history and cultural heritage of our county. In a significant step towards rejuvenating this landmark, the Society aims to refurbish the 140-year-old depot, a historic site that stands as a testament to the county's rich railroad legacy.

"We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey to revitalize the Dickinson County Museum," said Jonathan Reed, President of the Dickinson County Historical Society. "The museum's depot, a living artifact of our history, deserves preservation and restoration to maintain its significance for future generations."

The capital campaign will allocate funds towards meticulous renovation of the depot, ensuring its structural integrity and historical authenticity. Additionally, the initiative will introduce hands-on exhibits and immersive experiences that aim to engage and educate visitors about the vibrant history of Dickinson County.

"Through the addition of interactive exhibits, we aspire to create a dynamic learning environment, providing visitors with a hands-on experience to connect with the past," Reed added. "Our goal is to make history come alive and inspire a deeper appreciation for our county's heritage."

The Dickinson County Historical Society welcomes and encourages the support of the local community, businesses, and patrons passionate about preserving the area's legacy. Contributions to the campaign will play an instrumental role in the success of this endeavor.

The Dickinson County Historical Society remains committed to inspiriting engagement by preserving our past, and looks forward to the support and enthusiasm of the community in this significant undertaking.

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